This blog started from an idea to make a magical forest in a box for Aurora. A mini forest she could play with in the winter time when it’s cold and dark in Finland.

I’ve always loved to make handicrafts, especially if ecological material is available. I used to make handbags of recycled leather jackets and new weird jewelry from old ones. In the past 7 years however, I haven’t done anything, until I got my daughter and  found inspiration again. I was so happy to get my favourite hobby back and the best part is that handicrafts we can make together.

In the world full of digital stimulus, making things with your hands is super relaxing. I didn’t realise how much I actually missed it until I started to use  paintbrush, needle and yarn again. Aurora seems really interested of handicrafts too and I hope I can teach her to find the peace and joy of these moments too.

Luckily forests are full of inspiring ideas and material to use. We combine material found from forests to recycled or old clothes. Hope our ideas inspire you too! Kindly note that some things that we gather you need to have the landowners permission to pick (such as moss).

Follow our work at handicratfs category and please comment if you have new cool ideas for us.