Spruce Tips Liquor

spruce tips liquor

Spruce is ​​one of the most common trees in the Finnish forest. In early spring, when the spruce starts to grow, it makes new neon green tips or sprouts. These green tips are super delicious little bites eaten fresh or to be used in seasoning and smoothies, sprinkled onto ice cream or decorations for cakes. We preserve them by freezing and drying (and grinding to powder).

This spring we made spruce liquor from spruce tips. Something just for Mom and Dad for a change ;). Spruce (and many other wild herbs) has long traditions in seasoning drinks and liquors in Finland 🌿.

Our spruce liquor is made with a simple recipe: you need approx. half amout of spruce tips compared to the amount of liquor. Combine the cleaned spruce tips with liquor (I used Koskenkorva) and let it sit for few weeks. Then sift away the spruce and store it in freezer. Serve ice cold.

Our birch liquor vintage 2019 turned out excellent 👌. Of course it adds an extra nuance to the flavour that it’s enjoyed ice-cold, after sauna, by the lake next to a forest and in good company.

We found a 100 years old old antique food scale from our attic and we decided to test if it works. We gathered fresh spruce sprouts from our backyard and used the food scale to weight them. It work perfectly well and it doesn’t need electricity at all. We have perhaps 20 adult spruce threes in our forest of which we could pick spruce sprouts as much as we wanted without harming the forest.

I could photoshoot spruce sprouts for hours, all its green shades are so beautiful. We also use spruce a lot in cooking and every spring we gather it quite a lot. I will soon add some recipes :).