Red Lanterns

We made autumn decorations for Aurora’s ’Forest in a Box’. This plant ’lyhtykoiso’ (Physalis alkekengi) that resembles paper lantern is mazing material for decorations❤️. Its red papery covering over its fruit can be easily dried and it preserves perfectly its color and texture. 

I got these lyhykoisos from my mother’s garden and the idea to make handicrafts of these came from her. She gave me tip to even put a small electric lamp inside them. We will definitely try this later! In order make the small hole on top to place the lamp (and to remove the fruit inside) you need to have a really sharp small scissors. This task takes time and nerves, especially if you have a toddler running around.

If you just dry these then it’s not compulsory to remove the fruit, but I read that the fruit/berry inside can be mildly poisonous, so if you have kids actually playing with them, then yes better to be safe.