Mushroom Town

We hadn’t visited our country house in a while, and look what few days of rain did? The whole backyard and our forest was full of mushroom – it’s was magical! We found russulas, milk caps, chanterelles, boletus’ and many species we could not recognize yet. We wanted to play a little and so we built a small mushroom town on a mossy stump to explore the mushrooms. Those ones we recognized 100% we ate.

Before this year I’ve only known few of the most common Finnish wild mushroom species, but this year I expanded my interest to other species as well. The Russola family was a lovely surprise! So much colors and many species that are easy to recognize, and no poisonous mushrooms that look the similar. I learned that Russula claroflava, in Finnish “keltahapero” is really common, easy to recognize and really delicious.

Russula claroflava a mother and a baby, in Finnish “keltahapero”

Also Russula paludosa, in Finnish “isohapero” was a delightul new acquaintance to me. These members of Russula-family you don’t need to pre-boil, you can just fry them in a pan with butter and enjoy with some salt on a bread for example. Note! I used multiple books and participated a mushroom course before eating, so always be 100% sure. This blog post is just to inspire <3.

Russula paludosa, in Finnish “isohapero”

We also found a lot of small chanterelles and I let Aurora to explore and play with them . This summer has been so dry and hot, that there are not many juicy big chanterelles around :(.

Some were tall, some short, some curly, some straight… extremely fascinating 🍄. Just wait till you are a little bit older and get to the culinary side of this hobby.