Capturing the Magic

Winter is coming (yes, Mom’s favourite TV show is Game of Thrones) and it’s time to store forest foods for winter. We have dried and freezed a lot of herbs, berries and mushrooms, but some plants can’t be preserved without loosing its essence. Wood sorrel (ketunleipä/käenkaali) and its citric flavour is one of them, it needs to be eaten fresh.

We gathered these wood sorrels and some loose soil and moss to plant them from our forest. The small jar is for Aurora’s room and the big one is for Mom for our kitchen :). This broken tea pot has been waiting a new purpose for some time and I’m happy we were able to capture some magic in it from the forest.

We gathered these few weeks ago and so far I have kept these in our balcony, where the temperature is 7-20 degrees. Soon we will move them indoors.

We also planted wild strawberry leaves in a small birchbark shoe.

Wood sorrel tastes like a lemon and it’s really nice spice in salads and smoothies. Also it’s really good in mushroom sauces and pies when added fresh on top before serving 😋. If you dry or freeze it, the plant looses most of its aroma. The citric taste comes from oxalic acid it contains and it should not be eaten big amounts