Mini Forest in a box


This blog started from an idea to make a magical forest in a box for Aurora. A mini forest she could play with in the winter time when it’s cold and dark in Finland.

Mini forest is built on a wooden box and it’s growing piece by piece.

First we gathered different moss pieces for the ground (note you need landowner’s permission to pick). We tried to pick already fallen moss from the stones of our country house’s forest. We also gathered fallen tree branches to make trees and berry bushes.

Natural clay is an excellent material to make plants. I started by making few different mushrooms (chanterelles and toadstools) and a bilberry bush. I used acrylic paints to paint them.

You can make lovely details my combining clay with material found from the forests.

You can use clue to make sure clay berries stay on their branches.

I used wire frame to make these lovely mosstrees. You don’t need to have a one big piece of moss, with extra wire you can combine smaller moss pieces together. I think it looks even nicer if you combine different types of moss for the tree. You can water the trees if you want to preserve original the green colors and keep the moss alive. But you can also let it dry, the color is the exactly same but it will remain beautiful when dry and you don’t need to worry mold issues.