Granma’s old tea cups

Our family’s country house in Ristiina (close to Mikkeli Finland) is more than 100 years old. It’s full of mystical stuff that belonged to my grandparents and their family. When my grandparents passed away and my mother inherited the old house, it started to reveals its secrets piece by piece. My mother has done a huge job going through all the rooms and cupboard but we still have a huge attic full of old tuff we need to go through.

This lovely old tea cup set is one treasure we rescued from the attic. These belonged to my mothers mother, my grand mother, and my mother told me that me and my sister have used (and broke) these when we were small kids. My mom has repaired them with clue and even though the cups are really old they still work perfectly and in my opinion are the most beautiful tea cups I’ve ever seen.

Aurora was really interested of this cup set. She’s still too small to play with it, but soon she’ll understand to be extra careful with these so that maybe one day her children can use these too.

I made us an evening tea of chaga and lingonberries and we sat quietly on our backyard the with my big sister and though of our grandparents whom we loved very much.